Health & Medical

Real-time purchasing and
inventory management

Expiration Dates

IMS-OS has many types of inventory-tracking criteria, and one of the most important in the health sector is expiration dates. Report through your inventory in a timely fashion to capture items near their expiry date and minimize waste.

Forcast Usage

As items are use and track in IMS-OS, you can stay ahead of the curve by using IMS-OS’s forecasting feature. Use past usage data to predict future trends and always have the right quantity on hand.

Independent Counts

IMS Stocktaking Services assist the health sector conduct counts, with independent teams outside of normal business hours through cycles, periodic or at year end.

Replenishment thresholds (reorder points)

Provides a means of systematically specifying the stock count level which should signal re-order of the inventory item; connected with system alert/notification capabilities to ensure that out-of-stock situations do not occur.

Product Images

A great feature in IMS-OS is the ability to add images of products, so that when you’re ordering, requesting, or performing other inventory jobs, you can see exactly which products you are looking for.