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Real-time purchasing and
inventory management


The IMS Mobile app lets you use your smartphone or tablet as a barcode scanner. Print barcode labels to attach to items and shelves and then scan them to pick, transfer, and reorder items.

Independent Counts

IMS Stocktaking Services assist retail outlets conduct counts, with independent teams outside of normal business hours through cycles, periodic or at year end.

Automating Time-Intensive Tasks

Bar-coding and QR Code compatible options are available to allow you to gather individual item information by scanning the item rather than manually keying in data.

Rotation Rotation Rotation

IMS Stocktaking Services rotate your inventory to minimize waste.

Locations Re-Order Points

IMS-OS lets you create automatic reorder points at locations for all your items. They can factor in seasonal demand, and they can be adjusted to meet future needs.


The Consignment module lets you create consignment locations, transfer orders, and purchase orders to keep third-party sellers stocked with your products.