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Hotels & Restaurants

Real-time purchasing and
inventory management

Independent Counts

IMS Stocktaking Services assist Hotels and their restaurants, bars, kitchens, housekeeping and maintenance, conduct counts with independent teams outside of normal business hours through cycles, periodic or at year end.

High Visibility

Higher customer satisfaction via visibility to on-hand stock-levels and improved ability to set delivery expectations.

Maintain Accurate Stock Counts

No matter what size your business is, you need to accurately track inventory and sales to maximize your profitability. When you automate your inventory, you’ll always have an up-to-date item count, that allows you to quickly determine which products are moving and which are not.

Unit of Measure Conversion

IMS-OS handles standard conversions (eg, yards to meters, pounds to kilograms) as well as user-definable ones (pallets to cases) allowing for greater flexibility in item quantity tracking.

Auto Ordering

The Auto Reorder Point tool lets you create reorder points for all your items so that when they get low, they can be automatically reordered. You can even make seasonal adjustments based on past usage data and forecasts.

Suppliers Information

Consolidate all your supplier information into one convenient location.

Store Precise Information

Store precise information on item locations, so you always know where to find your items and don’t lose time trying to locate them.

Visibility of Cost of Goods Sold

Capture all costs associated with items used to improve margin accuracy. IMS-OS allows you to monitor profitability and margins at a quick glance with the Dashboard for your hotels, bars and restaurants.