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Real-time purchasing and
inventory management

Purchase Orders

Is your purchasing slow, adhoc, manual? Can you see what was the last price you purchased at?  With IMS-OS you can create multiple Purchase Orders or import from other systems and see the last price the item was purchased at and from whom.


Funds management

No more purchasing adhoc and outside of the budget. With IMS-OS Funds management module Financial controllers can upload budgets in excel and see balances for each purchase being made by each department.

Supplier Receipts

Can’t flag when cost for items is higher when receiving goods from suppliers? Receiving over the purchase Order amount? With IMS-OS when receiving the user is alerted when the qty or cost is over the threshold.

SUpplier Credits

Unable to track what credits you are owed by supplier? No longer with the IMS-OS you can enter supplier credits and track.

Shipment Costing

Are you using spreadsheets to cost your shipments across multiple items, orders and suppliers?  With IMS-OS just add freight and trucking and in minutes you have a report of your cost per item.

Mulitiple Approvals

Is your approval process slow?  With IMS-OS you can create multiple Purchase Orders or import from other systems and quickly get one or multiple authorizations all electronically with no paper involved.

Electronic Signatures

All your transactions can now be signed electronically for proof of receipt. With IMS-OS Approved Purchase Orders, RFQs, Requisitions, transfers can all be signed electronically for speed and security.

IMS Market List

Can you compare items in your local market place before you buy? With the IMS-OS Market List you can get the latest information on items by supplier to compare.