1. Login to your user account on —.myinventorycontrol.com.
  2. Select Quotations from the Navigation Bar.
  3. Select the +Add Quotation Button.
  4. Use the filters to search for the required items. Search for items by Item SKU, Description or by Item Code or scroll down the page to the required item
  5. Add each item by clicking the green plus button next to each item.
  6. Once all items are selected click the green Proceed with Quotations button. A unique Quotation Number is created for the quote, and it is assigned the Status “OPEN”.
  7. Enter the correct quotation date by selecting the date window and using the date menu.
  8. Select the Vendor from the drop-down menu next to the Vendor window.
  9. If required use the Upload button to add the electronic file.
  10. Add a note if required by clicking the window next to Note.
  11. Scroll down to the Items list to add further details for each item.
  12. To add Supplier Reference Numbers type in the space provided next to the correct item.
  13. Ensure the SKU / Description and UOM are accurate for each item.
  14. Add quantities for each item by clicking in the space provided the total number of each item required.
  15. Click the green Update Button to save the quotation.
  16. Click the back to quotation list to return to the quotations main page.