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  1. Login to your — user account.
  2. Click Requisitions or Issues on the navigation bar.
  3. Click the Add Requisition or Add Issues button and the Create Requisition / Issue Orders page is displayed
    1. Search for items by SKU, by Description, by item code or by scrolling down the page to the correct item.
    2. Click the green plus (+) button next to required items to add them to the Selected Items list be sure the selected items are being taken from the correct Location or Storeroom.
    3. Click the red minus (-) next to the item to remove items from the Selected Items list.
  4. Once item selection is complete, click the Requisition / Issue button and the Edit Requisition / Issue page is displayed:
    1. Click the Date window to select the correct Date from the pop-up Calendar.
    2. Click the Reference window to enter an alphanumeric Reference if needed.
    3. Click the drop-down arrow on the Cost centre window to select the correct Cost Centre to which the items are being relocated or used.
    4. Type a note into the Note window to add one if needed.
    5. Click the Quantity bubble next to each item to enter each required quantity.
    6. Click the Update button to save.
  5. Click Authorize button when all data has been entered correctly on the Requisition, to complete the Requisition Order.
  6. Click the back to Requisition List to return to the Requisitions page.