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To Create Auto-Replenish Issues

To Create Auto-Replenish Issues

  1. Click Transactions on the navigation bar.
  2. From the drop-down menu select POU Grid  button and the POU Grid is displayed:
    1. Search by Item Sub-Type, by item SKU or by Item Code
    2. Select Items
    3. Remove Items
    4. Apply quantities
    5. Select “Send To” Location

    • Backspace button to remove quantity applied
    • Clear Cart button to empty the Issue cart
    • Create Issue button to process the Issue
    • Back button to return to the Issue Main Page
    • List button to return to the Issue Creation Page

Note: If item card is blue you have enough stock on hand. If item card is greyed-out this means the item has no stock on-hand. If item card is green you have zero on-hand, however, you have some on order. Also note you cannot Issue out more stock than what you have.